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Champ Coolstool

The Champ Coolstool has a gorgeous and multifunctional design. This cheerful stool is shaped like a champagne cork and is not only stylish but also very practical. It can be used as a side table and container but also as a cooler. The Champ can do it all. Because of the hollow double-walled space and a stopper at the bottom, the Champ can be used as a cooler for multiple bottles of wine, champagne or other drinks. A refreshing drink is never far away with the Champ at your side!

The Champ is available in three different colors. The topper is completely made of cork. Multiple Champs can be easily stacked together and therefore easy to store or transport. The weather resistant materials ensure that your Champ can stay outside throughout the year, but it also feels at home in your living room, conservatory, bedroom or bathroom.

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Bubalou Belly

The Bubalou Belly is a true eyecatcher in your garden. On the table, next to your sofa, hanging in the tree or under your parasol. This multicolor lamp always creates the best ambient lighting. The provided remote control lets you set the color of the lamp in any desired color for up to 12 hours. You can use the Belly anywhere because once it’s charged, it no longer requires a cable.

This lighting feature is available in two different sizes, the Belly25 and the Belly65. You can use this waterproof lamp outside and control the brightness. It’s USB rechargeable and the cable is included. Several colored silicone handles are provided, so you can style the LED lamp to your own taste.

Because of the weatherproof materials the lamp can be placed in your garden, on your patio or on your balcony throughout the year. But even inside your livingroom, bedroom or bathroom, the Belly fits perfectly.

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Sling Hanging planter

The Bubalou Sling hanging planters are a true asset to every space in and around the house. The design hanging planters give you the opportunity to display different types of plants in a unique and fun way. The Sling hanging planters are available in three colors and are an ideal variation of plant pots in your garden, balcony or patio. The silicone designer plant pots also prove to be an enrichment voor the indoor living.

It’s delivered with a jute, 2 meter long rope, so the planter can adjust to any height. The Sling hanging planter is a real eyecatcher and the greatest effect is achieved if you hang multiple planters together at different heights. That is why every package contains three hanging planters!

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Ontvang de inspiratiegids

Schrijf je nu in voor de nieuwsbrief en ontvang de Bubalou inspiratiegids gratis! De nieuwsbrief zit vol met onderhoudstips en interieurideeën voor in de tuin. Je bent ook nog eens als eerste op de hoogte van nieuwe Bubalou producten en kortingen. Meld je dus nu aan...